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My Story is a cross-border cooperation project that focuses on supporting small scale tourism companies in becoming more visible by using storytelling as a marketing tool.

MyStory has opened up a call for companies to apply and take part in the support activities, including international workshops and individual consultation. The support is targeted for companies in the northern parts of Finland, Norway and Sweden. But what are the benefits from participating?

Application deadline: 10th of June 2020.

The project focuses on the following activities:

  • 3 workshops (2 days each), with the following topics:
  1. Discovering and building a company’s core story –
    companies learn from storytelling experts the theory behind storytelling; why it’s a powerful tool and how companies can create their own stories.  
  2. Digital story production –
    companies learn about existing digital tools, how to utilize those tools and how to digitalize the stories created.
  3. Digital marketing and distribution –
    after creating a story and digitalizing it, it’s all about spreading the word by using digital marketing tools.

Companies will be developing 1) a company story, 2) digitalize it, 3) and learn how to utilize the most effective digital tools to disseminate it.

  • Consultation: In between workshops, companies continue working with the workshop-themes. Companies will have access to 3-5 hours of consultation from business advisers and experts within the various fields.
  • Webinars: In addition, multiple webinars with relevant topics will be available.

The benefits of the support activities:

  1. Competence in storytelling as a branding tool and support in developing own powerful stories.
  2. Access to bespoke individual consultation.
  3. Learn about relevant digital tools, platforms and how to use them.
  4. Learn about digital marketing tools; which are the most powerful ones, and how to use them.
  5. Cross-border network among other companies and experts.
  6. Visibility at the project’s digital platforms (i.e. website).

Cost of participation:

The overall cost is €300 per company, covering participation at the 3 workshops (2 days each), transportation to/from the long-distance workshops (i.e. Tornio-Haparanda-Storslett) and access to consultation.

Companies need to spend time and their own resources in the project to get the most out of it. In Norway companies can get most of the costs covered by Innovation Norway.

Application details:

All companies within the tourism industry can apply.

10-15 companies from each region (Northern parts of Finland, Norway, Sweden) will be selected based on a number of criteria such as:

  • Size of the company; the project is primarily supporting small scale tourism companies
  • Business area; ideally the project gets a variety of businesses within the tourism industry to take part
  • Motivation to be part of the project
  • Company’s intention to be part of all support activities
  • Company is located in the northern parts of Finland. Norway or Sweden.

The maximum no. of participants is 30.

Apply here : the application

One reply on “Support program for small scale tourism companies – Apply now!”

  1. Dear Mystory team, I got inspired by the introduction video of the Northernlightsroute project. I was Tourism student in Lapinamk and currently I am working in a Marketing team for a start-up company Visit Lapland Tours. We are a small-scale company who are passionate about delivering authentic experience to our customers. Our own cottage located 35km away Rovaniemi city center heading to the Northern direction not only acts as a good location to see Aurora but also involve lots of local stories that we are eager to share with tourists. We believe that the combination of story-telling and digital technology is the best way to deliver inspiring and touching moments to customers. Therefore, the moment I came across the video from your team, I acknowledge that this is what we lack of. I truly hope that you let us join this course even though the application period was expired.

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