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Meet our Finnish expert of Storytelling – Elina Tellervo Stoor, aka StooriTeller! She will be leading MyStory workshop, which will take place in Pello on 20– 21 of October.

Let’s talk a little bit about her activities and background. Elina works as a trainer in storytelling and customer experiences. She has built a branding method, The Sense of the Company, which helps companies to create their own business stories and blow them to alive. Elina has an education in areas like Graphic designer & Artist in Environmental Art, Event Producer, Scenography Assist, Communication studies, and MB Lifecoach. She has certifications in LEO Experience Economy Expert. Elina is a courage and creativity person who respect for humans, animals and nature.

In My Story workshop, she will guide the companies on how to create their own business story. Elina also will give some tips on how the companies can benefit business story in their own marketing and develop customer experiences with it.  

“Most of us has participated in some kind of seminar or workshop where has underlined the meaning of business story and storytelling. Usually, these stories are introduced as an effective marketing tool. Sometimes events focus is in the Experience Economy, which point is to develop and increase services to experience products. My Story workshop stands somewhere in the middle of these two.”

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