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Northern Lights Route is a tourism road that runs from Haparanda-Tornio to Tromsø. The tourism road was developed about 20 years ago as a cross-border effort by the Torne valley council and the road administration authorities of Finland, Sweden and Norway. 

Throughout the years, there have been numerous cross-border projects but without a commonly defined long-term development vision. There is a desire and need for a long-term cross-border tourism vision that guides the joint-efforts of the tourism development along the border region and the Northern Lights Route.

This vision process is carried out as part of the MyStory project funded by Interreg Nord which aims at supporting small tourism businesses along the Northern Lights Route region and to make the region more visible through a jointly developed vision.

Finland Future Research Centre is responsible for this vision process, and is well underway in this work. See below the process and timeline for developing a common vision.

The vision process explained in Swedish
The vision process explained in Finnish

The 1st step of the vision work was implemented in October 2020. 26 representatives of different sectors and municipalities from Finland, Sweden and Norway participated in discussion groups. The outcomes of these discussions became the basis of the survey questions developed for the 2nd step of the process, which is now going on.

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