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We have now finished the draft versions of the vision 2030 and action roadmap for the cross-border development of the Northern Lights Route region. Please find below the three language versions (you can download or continue watching on the page). The final versions will be developed based on stakeholders’ feedback and finalized by a graphic designer.

NLR vision 2030

2 replies on “Draft version of the Northern Lights Route vision 2030 is published now”

  1. Hello from Kilpisjärvi! This vision when (not if) turned into reality will be a dream come true. Ambitious but feasible if all actors unite and the coordination functions properly.
    Just one thing I wish to question: the choice of Doerz for the common marketing platform. The name of Tornionlaakson neuvosto was mentioned in the context.
    Thanks and best regards, Sinikka

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