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MyStory is a project that focusses on supporting small scale tourism companies in becoming more visible by using storytelling as a marketing tool. The project will also work on creating a common brand and vision for the Northern Lights Route as a destination.

Project details:

  • Project period is February 2020 – September 2022.
  • The teams working with the project are Lapland UAS, Halti Business Garden, Pello Development and University of Turku.

Project activities:

  1. Arranging a business support programme consisting of:
  • Three workshops lasting two days each with the following themes:
    1) Discovering and building a company’s core story (will be in Storslett, Norway October 2020)
    2) Digital story production (will be in Tornio, Finland May 2021)
    3) Digital marketing and distribution (will be in Torne Valley, October 2021)
  • Consultation: companies get access to experts in addition to business development advisers in the various countries for bespoke consultation
  • Webinars (open for all)
  1. Develop a vision and common brand for the Northern Lights Route as a destination
  2. Arranging digital pilots in the region to map which tools tourism companies can use in their businesses